The pre-configured router is mounted and wired in the cabinet by an electrician on site according to the enclosed instructions.

Alternatively, the device can be mounted, wired and set up in the cabinet by a MINDA technician during on-site use.

The router requires access to the Internet. Destination: ( with the outgoing ports:
TCP 443 
TCP 5443 for OpenVPN
UDP 1194 for OpenVPN
TCP 6220 for exchange of certificate
and access to an internal or external time server (NTP) UDP 123.

Via the 2-pole signal inputs and outputs, the remote maintenance can optionally be activated/deactivated by a key-operated switch and an active connection can be signaled.
+ No holes (incoming rules) in the firewall required
+ Only one connection type for MINDA Control System (MCS)
   and PLC remote maintenance
+ Server is at MINDA, therefore no dependence on third
+ No system maintenance required by the customer
+ Sharing individual IP addresses or the entire network