Spherical Table

On the spherical table bundles and trays can be turned with free access by 90° or 180°. The turntable is equipped with a plastic chain with integrated balls. The product is centered abvoe the turntable. The safe and exact rotation of the goods is ensured by turning the table while the chain remains unmoved. Then the goods are transported by means of the chain. As this process does not require any lifting movement, it does not lead to any dangerous pinch and shear zones. Thus, housing or safety fences are not necessary. The cycle time compared with other technologies is considerably reduced. 



  • minimal ball grid for smalles products of 100 mm x 100 mm
  • no lifting required, thus no shear and pinch zones
  • safe turning of adjacent products
  • any rotation angle is possible



  • plane ball chain on turntable
  • no housings or safety fences necessary
  • installation size according to the product 



Spherical table between breakers
The spherical table is positioned between two breakers as turning device in order to turn the bundles from the one breaker by 90° prior to feeding them to the second breaker.

Spherical table in front of palletizing robot
The spherical table is positioned in front of a robot for load forming and turns the packages by 90° or 180°, if required.