Vacuum destacking

Vaccum destackers transport the workpieces without any damages and can destack in lengthwise as well as in crosswise direction. They even work reliably when different workpiece lengths create one package.

The vacuum technology helps to transport finished laminated beams as well as sawn timber.


Typical fields of application:

  • glulam and solid construction timber lines
  • planing lines
  • sawing lines 



  • gentle material transport
  • parallel destacking of different packages
  • trouble-free separation of solid timber stacks with different dimensions and lengths
  • automatic removal of intermediate rails
  • unproblematic discharges of residual stacks


  • vacuum destackers, designed as lifting column, moveable in length- and crosswise direction
  • vacuum destackers with transfer car in length- and crosswise direction, incl. lifting table
  • vacuum destacking for heavy stacks and layers