Package assembly

Prior to filling a solid timber press, the workpieces to be pressed must be stacked after being glued depending on the requirements for the later product.

This applies to:

  • horizontal presses
  • vertical hydraulic presses
  • HF presses


Depending on the pressing mode there are different options for package assembly:

Paternoster stacking for straight glue laminated timber

For the production of straight workpieces paternoster stacking is recommendable for the package assembly. These stackers can be fed either in lengthwise or in crosswise direction. For this purpose the glued workpieces to be stacked are raised like in a paternoster and they are positioned one on top of the other by means of stacker arms. When the desired stacking height is reached, the package can either be directly fed in lengthwise direction into a press or be transported in crosswise direction from a feeding and discharge station to the pressing unit. Paternoster stacking units can also stack different workpiece lengths in one package.


Pre-assembly for curved laminated beams

Normally curved laminated beams require a core complex construction than straight laminated beams. For this purpose our pre-assembly stations for curved laminated beams are available. The glued workpieces are automatically ejected from the roller conveyor and set up. Stacking chains with counter supports provide the desired structure of the laminated beams. Finally, the workpieces are transported to the press via crane.


Horizontal pre-assembly for HF-presses

For feeding HF-presses, the fed glued lamellae are set up by 90° in the pre-assembly station and pushed towards each other. The completed package can then be directly fed into the HF-press.



  • rationalization of glue application
  • fully-automatic assembly of laminated beams
  • assembly of lamellae for stepped and curved laminated beams via moveable limit stop
  • higher productivity by using glues with shorter curing times
  • production data management and order processing via glue line PC


  • glueing line with manually moveable hydraulically cushioned limit stop
  • pre-assembly for curved laminated beams for up to 50.0 m length with automatically moveable limit stop
  • combined glue line with paternoster stacking for straight and pre-assembly for curved laminated beams