Repairing stations

Following the production process, the surface quality can be observed at repairing stations. When being used in the visual range, it is possible to repair the bad spots manually in order to improve the optical quality.


For easy repairing of defects in the timber for

  • glue- laminated timber
  • duo-/ trio beams



  • improved product quality
  • less personnel requirement due to optimized work process
  • integration of repair process into manufacturing process
  • short cycle times due to optimized cross transport of workpieces
  • multi-floor rack with high storage capacity
  • improved ergonomic work place conditions 



  • high performance repairing station on two levels with lateral transport to and discharge from both repairing places, high buffer capacity (four places) and automatic turnover device
  • repairing station for longitudinal passage with two repair and buffer places and automatic turnover device
  • repairing station with hydraulic butterfly turnover devices for general handling of workpieces at only one workplace