Stack doublers

Stack doublers for optimization of the truck loading volume
For this purpose, the individual stacks are only half high; they are doubled up later to make use of the full loading height of the lorry.
This method is especially suitable for instable packing patterns, which do not reach high stacks.

  • loading station with a two-sectional lance-shaped slide, which ensures that during double loading only one stack is loaded on the pallet whereas the other is fed through without pallet
  • both loads are individually strapped, one with and one without pallet
  • in the downstream double-up station, the load without pallet is deposited on the load with pallet to fully utilise the internal lorry height
  • a centring system ensures that the top stack is precisely centred on the bottom stack


Further advantages:

  • complete truck loads already in the finished goods storage
  • shorter loading times by pallet doubling
  • solid combination of pallets by aligned stacking
  • no separate pick-up cycle required