The production data flow in a glulam production

In new glulam production lines a central master computer MINDA CONTROL SERVER (MCS) is used. It is the link between the production planning and the computers of connected machines and plants. On this server the production data, which are provided by the production planning, are stored. All machines participating in the production process can read these data. The machines also store the current operation cycle on this server. Thus, the production planning always disposes of updated information regarding order processing and downstream machines can also be started via these data with the correct production data.   Moreover, this server has got a master computer function in the production area of the MINDA materials handling. On the one hand, it supplies production-relevant data at every step of production to the connected MINDA SPS-controls (S7). On the other hand, the SPS furnishes feedbacks regarding each component transport, which is visualized in real time. As a result, every component can be clearly identified and visualized in its production process.

The avoidance of high storage costs requires an order-related production of glulam. The electronic MINDA component tracking starts behind the pressing process, as here the quantity-optimized production of raw material is changed to order-related production of components. The production planning department creates the corresponding planning documentation.

The MCS carries out the following tasks in an order-related production:


  • assignment of components to customer orders after pressing
  • releasing further production steps such as planing, repairing etc. according to customer's requirements
  • selection of product-specific options, e.g. chamfering or cutting integrated in planing process or regulation of planing speed depending on required quality
  • cutting of sample workpieces
  • consideration of required repair options per component
  • waste message after visual control to planning , in order to produce a new component, if required
  • automatic labelling of component
  • stacking of components, with separation acc. to order or dimensions


Apart from controlling complex processes, MINDA also provides individual solutions.

For example, controlling the processes in a glueing line via a glue line PC. The lamellas are fed to the glue application machine depending on quality, rotation, scoring and dry joints.

Or a single-place PC for press control. This PC controls indicators such as pressure, indoor temperature or lamella temperature and stores them together with the production data in order to create and maintain the electronic logging data.