Three questions to …. Robert Falch

The Ligna constantly reinvents itself

Written by Henning Wandel, Mindener Tageblatt dd. 12.05.2015

Hanover (mt)
Every two years the woodworking industry is looking towards Hanover. At the Ligna you meet everyone working with wood in the industrial and handicraft sector - and this year it is the same even under best weather conditions.


Mr. Falch, what does the Ligna mean for you and for Minda?

For us in the woodworking sector the Ligna is the most important fair. Here all networks come together: customers, partner companies and research institutions, but also friends and acquaintances. That's what Ligna stands for. We would highly appreciate such a fair also for other industrial sectors.

Other fairs are weakening, the Ligna is booming. Why?

Because it constantly reinvents itself and presents the center of a network, which has been developed around this fair. Moreover, it is a good platform for students. All exhibitors present their innovations here at the Ligna and not in advance. And there is an excellent cooperation between the Deutsche Messe (German Fair Association) and the VDMA, the Association of German Machine and Plant Manufacturers.

For you as an exhibitor the fair also involves stress. Are you glad, when it is over?

It would be a lie not to be glad after five days to put up my feet and to go out into the nature again. But on Monday at the latest it really get's going. The follow-up work is most important. There is quite a high number of upcoming projects around the Ligna.

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