Transport for upright standing reels

Automatic paper reel transport for upright standing reels

In the paper and corrugated board industry MINDA has developed to a specialist and acquired important know-how about the transportation of lying paper reels in the field of corrugated board production.

A German company committed to a resource-saving production of recycling paper contacted MINDA beginning of 2014 with the task, to transport upright standing paper reels with a considerably higher load at a speed of up to 18 m/min. from the reel storage to the loading area for further conversion. That means that a distributed load of more than 2000 kg/m² affects the conveyor and a total load of up to 8000 kg must be handled.

In October 2014 the equipment was installed and has been fully automatically running since then.

Reel storage for graphic papers
The 4000 kg heavy paper reels are straightened up by means of a tilting device and then lowered from 1 m to 400 mm by means of a transport system, which is equipped with a lowering device at the beginning. A downstream transfer car takes the individual reels and transports them to 4 discharge points.

Discharge point 1 and 2 are each equipped with a crane which stacks the reels by means of a gripping device in upright position in the paper reel storage. Depending on the reel diamter (0.90 to 1.60 m) and the reel length (1.50 up to 3.00 mm) several reels are stacked one above the other.


The third discharge point was equipped with an approx. 130 m long transport section to the loading gates. A transfer car takes the reels from this section and distibutes them to 8 buffer lines, whereby two lines are provided per gate. Here the corresponding reels for the truck loads are prepared in order to ensure short loading times per truck. For express loading the reels can directly reach the removal section via the tilting device. A forth discharge point was created for special reels.

Reel transport for internal further conversion
The other side of the hall was prepared for removal operations from the storage. In a height of 6 m the paper reels are transported to the converting machines for the production of copying paper. For this purpose, a tunnel passage between the storage area and the conversion area was created. The paper reels are transported to the further conversion through the 6 m high tunnel. A vertical lift is lowered from six to one meter. Then the reels are taken by a forklift truck and transported to the respective converting machines.

The entire transport system was equipped with plastic chain conveyors and ensures a gentle transport of the paper reels without any damages. Maintenance and repair work become easier and faster than with steel-type conveyors in the past. These requirements are met by the interaction of the different components. The customer received a flexible automatic system what can still be extended in the future by modular design. MINDA used their long-standing experiences from the corrugated board industry for this application and optimized them according to the customer's requirements.


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