Turning devices

Single rotation behind the stacker at the Corrugator

Turning devices are used in the Corrugator area behind the stacker to turn the stacks.

The lifting cylinder, situated in the zero line of the conveyor element, is raised and turns the stack by 90° in throughfeed operation without any time loss. After the turning process, the stack is transported into the intermediate storage. The turning of the stacks leads to a better utilization of the storage.

The turning provides an optimal utilization of the pallet for sheet plant delivery, which is palletized after the production.

However, there are certain basic conditions regarding the use of lifting turning mechanisms. A corresponding length and width ratio is to be observed.

Turning devices offer a simple solution for discharge behind the corrugator and thus they are often a reasonable prices alternative to customary turntables.


Multiple rotation in fron of converting machines

Turning devices are used in front of converting machines to turn large-size stacks.

The turning cylinder is equipped with an encoder and it is centrally installed in the plastic chain conveyor. The conveyors are driven by a counter-rotating gear. The lifted turning cylinder turns the individual stack according to the downstream processing by -90°, 90° or 180°.

Large stacks, e.g. up to 6,000 mm width can be turned on two conveyors, which together are just slightly wider than the stack itself.

This turning device is a resonably priced solution compared to other executions.