The ADVECTOR ensures an optimized feeding of printing lines, inliners, flat-bed and rotational die-cutters by creating a continuous shingling sheet flow.

Its extremely short installation length, achieved by the lateral infeed, provides a nearly universal application - even under very constricted space conditions.

In contrast to conventional solutions the stacks are not lifted but directly processed in small packages. An integrated stack turner within the ADVECTORVerto  allows the operator to decide if the package is to be turned additionally due to production requirements. The ADVECTOROpus with an integrated robot supplies Minilines with smallest dimensions.
An intermediate buffer ensures that the shingling sheet flow is not interrupted. The new pushing process with its parallel stack change leads to a throughput rate of up to 24,000 sheets per hour.




for Midline applications and die-cutting


for Midline applications and die-cutting


for Miniline applications




  • user-friendly operations
  • pick-up from stacks in packages, thus no lifting of unnecessary weights
  • short installation length by lateral infeed
  • continuous shingling sheet flow even during stack change without any downtime
  • short machine set-up time by storing the order data
  • clean production and feeding area



  • telescopic transfer table adjustable to converting machine
  • gentle transport by continuous rubber-covered plastic chain
  • easy integration into existing structures
  • easy access for sheet removal
  • free selection of operator side
  • exclusive use of electric and pneumatic components