TimberPress C 500

The automatically adjustable press bed is a solid timber press for the production of curved laminated beams. In order to achieve the desired shape, the press posts are automatically positioned according to stored CAD resp. production data. 

The lamella packages which are to be pressed are then put into the press bed by means of a crane from a package assembly unit or they are manually assembled in the press bed. The required pressure is applied by hydraulic tightening devices, tension rods and pressure shoes into the package to be pressed. The lateral adjustment of the workpieces is achieved by a hydraulic system and weights. It is possible to produce several object beams with the same dimensions in parallel by putting one above the other.


Generally the automatically adjustable press bed is suitable for the production of:

  • Curved laminated beams
  • Stepped beams and pre-tightened beams
  • blockhouse beams
  • standard beams 


Advantages of the automatically adjustable press bed:

  • pressing of different products
  • short set-up times of the press bed
  • precision for adjustment of pressing frame of +/- 1 mm per press post
  • extendable capacity by modular design
  • simultaneous pressing of several beams in one working process
  • PC for positioning of press posts and order management
  • network-compatible control 



  • 50.0 m long automatic press bed with integrated top pressure unit for crosswise pressure
  • 36.0 m long automatic press bed with two tightening carriages